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Manta dive in Kona, Hawaii

Manta Madness Kona from Vincent Kneefel on Vimeo.

The Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii is likely the best place on earth to see manta rays up close and personal. In lighted waters along the coast, manta rays congregate nightly to feed. After dark, millions of plankton are attracted to the light. As thick clouds of plankton gather, manta rays come to feed on this favorite food. With cavernous mouths opened wide, manta rays gracefully glide, pivot, and somersault as they feast. This feeding frenzy started around 20 years ago when one of the hotels started shining its lights on the water, attracting first plankton and not much later the local reef manta rays. During my dive we saw over 15 manta rays; an amazing experience for divers and snorkelers alike.

Updated Giants of the Caribbean brochure

Whale Sharks & Manta Rays – Isla Mujeres

Last week I was in Mexico for my project Giants of the Caribbean. From late May to early September, off the coast of Yucatan, hundreds of whale sharks feed on zooplankton that consists mostly of the spawn of the bonito. This frenzy also attracts underwater photographers from all over the world; during my stay I had the pleasure of meeting Howard & Michele Hall (renowned IMAX film makers), Louie Psihoyos (director of The Cove), Greg SweeneyJim AbernethyShawn HeinrichsEric ChengDouglas SeifertAdam HanlonMarty Snyderman and many others. Both underwater and on land I had an amazing time.

The annual migration of Whale Sharks was discovered by Robert Heuter around 2003, who later described it in his paper ‘An Unprecedented Aggregation of Whale Sharks, Rhincodon typus, in Mexican Coastal Waters of the Caribbean Sea‘. Today, there are around 800 whale sharks in the Yucatan with conventional tags and another 35 are equipped with satellite tags that precisely track their movements. Researchers have compiled a photo database of more than 950 whale sharks that identifies each individual. They have also found that the whale sharks that participate spread out all over the western and northern Gulf of Mexico, and great Caribbean. Some whale sharks where even found to swim all the way down to Brazil!

This year for the first time there were also large groups of Manta Rays present in the feedings. This was particularly exciting for me as I had no expectations seeing any Manta’s (they are one of my favorite animals). It has been suggested by researchers that the Manta’s in Isla Mujeres are actually a third, putative species, the. Manta birostris, that are distinct from the Giant Manta Ray. However, at present there is not enough empirical evidence to warrant the separation of a third species of Manta.

This annual gathering of Whale Sharks and Manta Rays has become a magnet for tourist – as a result during rush hour there can be as much as a 100 boats on the water with a maximum of 2 people per boat allowed in the water at a time. The impacts of these crowds on the feeding behavior of Whale Sharks and Manta’s remains unknown, however tourism may be the only way that these species will survive. After visiting Mozambique in 2003, I have learned that the majority of Manta’s and Whale Sharks are now gone. I am hopeful that the countries surrounding the Caribbean will do a better job at protecting their Ocean treasures, because when managed properly this is a huge asset for tourism and the local economy.

Planet Ocean

Can we imagine a film that would change the way people look at the ocean? Can we explain simply, to everyone, the greatest natural mystery of our planet? And lastly, can we help our children believe in a better and more sustainable world tomorrow? Yann Arthus-Bertrand (maker of Earth) has captured amazing images that bring a whole new perspective to our oceans.

Stingray – Cayman Islands

During my latest trip to Cayman Islands, I encountered a Stingray that appeared to be quite happy. No wonder if this is you ‘live’ here. Unfortunately Stingrays in Cayman are suffering from contact their frequent with tourists. I will soon post some more pictures from my recent visit. I am now preparing for my trip to Mexico to join Shawn Heinrichs for a Whaleshark expedition.

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