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Best wishes for 2015!

Sockeye Salmon Run

Last weekend I drove from Vancouver to Adams River to witness and photograph (under permit) one of the most spectacular displays of natural beauty.¬†2014 is the dominant run in the four-year cycle with millions of sockeye are taking part, and the river turning red.¬†Salmon are completing a several hundred kilometre journey from the Pacific Ocean to come to Adams River to spawn. Sockeye salmon are semelparous, meaning they die after spawning once. ‘Female salmon builds several nests, collectively known as a redd, and a male, who has lain close to her for days fighting off rivals, releases his sperm just upstream. He drifts away to die while she guards the nests for a few more days, until she too grows weak and dies.’

I used my GoPro on time-lapse mode (1s intervals) and attached it to a $5 dollar broom stick from Homedepot. Out of the hundreds of photos, the one above is probably one of the lucky ones I took: this captures the rare moment where 2 male salmon are rivalling for a female.


Kickstarter – Giants of the Caribbean

Today I launched a Kickstarter for Giants of the Caribbean. There is an option to pre-order the first print of the book, photo prints on metal in medium and large sizes or to join me on an expedition to see Leatherback turtles in Trinidad and Tobago in June 2015.

‘A Rescue Package for the Ocean’

David Miliband, Co-chair of the Global Ocean Commission, tells the story of the Commission’s inquiry into high seas governance and ocean health, and outlines its rescue package for the ocean and Mission Ocean.

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